Weimardoodle Hybrid Dogs

The  Weimardoodle  is a modern Crossbreed, Designer Dog or Hybrid Dog, created in the USA by crossing a Poodle with a Weimaraner.

With me so far?

Apparently Weimardoodles come in different sizes according to whether a Miniature, Standard or Toy Poodle was used in the development of the  Weimardoodle .

So, just as we have Miniature, Standard and Toy Poodles, so we have Miniature Weimardoodles, Standard Weimardoodles and Toy Weimardoodles, potentially, all with different characteristics, depending on the characteristics of the parents used in the breeding programme.

Incidentally, if you have a  Weimardoodle  and would be happy for your dog to feature on Dogipedia, please send us a photo using the form on the right.


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