Weave Pole Racing Dog Sports

Also known as Slalom Racing,  Weave Pole Racing  is an element of Dog Agility taken to a whole new level.

In this sport, dogs have up to 60 vertical poles to negotiate (weave in and out of) instead of the normal 5 to 12 when the poles are used as part of a Dog Agility course. Each pole is spaced about 24 inches (61 cm) apart.

Dogs must start the course with the first pole to their left, and the fastest dogs complete the course in – wait for it – a little under ten seconds. Ten seconds? Are you sure?

marco-smileThey say that for many dogs, Weave Poles are one of the most difficult Dog Agility elements to master. No kidding! Goodness me, at my size, I have enough problem with the six we have in my garden, and even then I like to take a nap between each one!

Photo Credit:
A Border Collie negotiating weave poles. Copyright image courtesy of Paul Englefield. CC BY 2.0.
Weave Pole Racing
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