Toy Goldendoodle Hybrid Dogs

A small modern Hybrid Dog developed in the USA using three different breeds, the  Toy Goldendoodle  is a cross between the Golden Retriever, the Cocker Spaniel, and subsequently, the Miniature Poodle.

A Hybrid Dog, also known as a Designer Dog, is a dog which has been bred using, in this case, three intentionally selected purebred or pedigree dogs of different breeds in order to achieve a specific result.

In this instance the Golden Retriever, which was downsized by breeding it with the Cocker Spaniel producing the Golden Cocker Retriever, which was then bred with the Miniature Poodle to produce a curly haired, teddy-bear looking dog with floppy ears and large come-to-bed eyes!

If you have a  Toy Goldendoodle  and would be happy for your dog to feature on Dogipedia, please send us a photo using the form on the right.

Toy Goldendoodle
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