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 The Dog of Osu  (‘The Tree of a Dog’), is an ancient Korean folk tale about a loyal dog who sacrifices his life for his master.

Written in 1230, the story goes that a man took his dog to a party, got very drunk and laid down to sleep it off on some grassland on his way home.

While he was asleep, a forest fire started. Unable to wake his master, the dog dowsed himself with water from a nearby stream and wetted the ground around the man. He repeated this process until the fire around his master was completely extinguished.

Sadly, in endeavouring to save the life of his master, the dog sacrificed his own life. His master woke to find the fire around him extinguished but that his dog had died of his burns.

Utterly distraught, the man buried his dog in a sunny place and placed his staff in the ground at the head of the grave instead of a tombstone.

The story goes that over time, a tree grew from the staff. That tree is now about a thousand years old and is of course ‘The Tree of a Dog’ in the title of the tale.

By way of tribute to the loyalty of the dog, the region where he died was renamed as Osu in 1992, and a monument erected in his honour.


The Dog of Osu
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