Thai Ridgeback Dog Breeds

Only recently established as a standardized breed, the  Thai Ridgeback  is an ancient landrace.

Primitive, pariah type landraces exist all over the world. By and large, all such dogs share similar physical traits. They tend to be medium-sized and square-bodied, have wedged-shaped heads with wrinkled brows and pointed ears, and have long legs and smooth coats. That, in a nutshell, sums up the  Thai Ridgeback .

Native to eastern Thailand, the  Thai Ridgeback  is one of only three dog breeds in the world which possess a ridge of hair running down their backs in the opposite direction to the rest of their coat.

It is considered that the  Thai Ridgeback  in all probability descended from the long-since extinct Funan Ridgeback Dog, as did its geographic neighbour, the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. Since their distinctive ridge is a very specific genetic flaw also shared by the Rhodesian Ridgeback, it is considered highly likely that the three breeds have a common origin. Given the choice between Africa and Asia, the smart money’s on Asia!

Photo Credit:
Thai Ridgeback puppies bred by Jake Gardner. Copyright image courtesy of Jake Gardner. CC BY 3.0.

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Thai Ridgeback
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