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Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the  Small Greek Domestic Dog  is, well, a small Greek domestic dog. It’s also ancient.

Which kinda begs the question, why didn’t they call it the ‘Ancient Small Greek Domestic Dog’? Except I suppose, Ancient Small Greek Domestic Dog doesn’t roll off the tip of the tongue quite so easily as  Small Greek Domestic Dog !

Anyway, as every dog knows – every Greek dog certainly –  Small Greek Domestic Dog’s  are also known as Kokoni, which means ‘small dog’ in many parts of Greece. Traditionally the name would also have been used to indicate that the dog was the daughter’s dog or house dog as opposed to being a working dog.

(Okay, that little nugget might not be of much interest to you if you happen to be an Egyptian camel retailer living in a one bedroomed tent in Aswan, but I thought I’d throw it in just in case).

SGDD’s are extremely popular in Greece where they are traditionally more common in urban areas and make excellent companion dogs. Cheerful and loyal, they are said to be exceptionally expressive and, (you’ll like this bit), to ‘sigh and to use their eyes like humans’. How cute is that, eh!

marco-smileBy the way, remember ‘Satchel’, the blonde dog in the 2005 movie Bewitched, starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell? Guess what kind of dog that was? Yup, it was a Small Greek Domestic Dog. How about that then?

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Cream/White Small Greek Domestic Dog. Copyright image courtesy of Ddcriminal. CC BY 3.0.
Small Greek Domestic Dog
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