Silken Windhound Dog Breeds

The  Silken Windhound  is a rare American Sighthound created by successful Borzoi and Deerhound breeder, Francie Stull, in order to combine the best qualities of a number of American Borzoi and Whippet bloodlines.

Bred to be a small and medium sized Sighthound, the first  Silken Windhound  was whelped in 1987.

marco-smileSmall, graceful, silky, gentle, intelligent, affectionate and playful, we like these a lot!

Photo Credit:
Photo of a Silken Windhound. Copyright: Talismanhound. Used with permission. CC BY 3.0.

If you have a  Silken Windhound  and you would be happy to have it featured on Dogipedia, please send us a photo using the form to the right.


Silken Windhound
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