Kinnaur Sheepdog Dog Breeds

Somehow when I think of an ‘Apso’ I think of a sweet little short and hairy thing that looks more like a fluffy draught excluder than a dog.

Imagine my surprise then to discover that the Apso Do-Kyi, or  Kinnaur Sheepdog  to you and me, is actually a Molosser breed, a category of thundering great muscular dog that could eat a Lhasa Apso for breakfast and still have plenty of room for elevenses! They might be related to the Lhasa, but you’d never know it to look at one.

marco-smileGoodness me, it’s even said they’re capable of fighting off a leopard. Probably just as well they’re pretty rare these days!

By the way, we’re looking for an image for this post. If you have a  Kinnaur Sheepdog  and would be happy for us to use it, please send it using the form to the right.


Kinnaur Sheepdog
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