Eurasier Dog Breeds

The  Eurasier  is a medium sized Spitz type dog that originated in Germany in 1960.

Also known as the Eurasian, the  Eurasier  was developed by a small group of enthusiasts who set out to design a breed that combined the best qualities of the Chow Chow and the Keeshond with a view to creating the perfect family companion.

Initially called the Wolf-Chow, its name was changed 12 years later when the Wolf-Chow was further crossed with a Samoyed.

All in all it seems that its originator, Julius Wipfel and his fellow contributors, have succeed in producing a very fine, gentle and affection dog who thrives on human companionship.

Photo Credit:
Eurasier during the international dog show in Katowice, Poland. Copyright image courtesy of Pleple2000. CC BY GFDL

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