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I really liked the sound of this Dog Sport until it dawned on me I was likely to be the one pulling the scooter rather than the one riding on it!

Similar to Mushing,  Dog Scootering  involves a dog or two pulling a person on something called a kick scooter, an unmotorised, two-wheeled contraption on which a person stands and sometimes ‘kicks’, while the missing ‘motor’ is provided by one and sometimes two dogs.

marco-smileGreat if you’re a big dog like me, but can you imagine a poor Chihuahua’s scrawny little legs as it desperately tries to drag its owner around the countryside? Doesn’t bear thinking about!

Photo Credit:
A woman on a scooter being pulled by a dog. Image courtesy of ashleigh290. CC BY 2.0.


Dog Scootering
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