Dock Jumping Dog Sports

 Dock Jumping  (also known as Dock Diving) is a Dog Sport which first made an appearance in the 1997 Incredible Dog Challenge, an event sponsored by a well known dog food manufacturer to prove how athletic dogs really are.

In essence – and this you are not going to believe – dogs jump from a platform (the dock) into a body of water, competing against one another either for height or for distance.

Told you you were not going to believe it!

Something else you won’t believe is that the record, set in 2012 by a 2 year old Belgian Malinois named Vhoebe from San Diego, California, is 32ft 03in (9.85m)!

 Dock Jumping  has now become a hugely popular spectator sport the world over.

marco-smileThere was a time when the Triple Jump was known as the Hop, Step and Jump. This is more like the Hop, Step and Splat!

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Dock Jumping Dog. Copyright image courtesy of Sportmutt. CC BY 3.0.
Dock Jumping
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