Calabrian Bucciriscu Dog Breeds

A rare Molosser breed from Calabria in south west Italy, the  Calabrian Bucciriscu , also known as the Calabrian Cane Corso or the Bucciriscu Calabrese, is largely used to protect property and livestock.

Slightly larger and heavier than its Sicilian cousin the Cane Corso, the  Calabrian Bucciriscu is also used for fighting.

marco-smileIf one of these asks you outside, feign a headache, politely and respectfully decline, and then get the hell out of town in case he doesn’t give you a choice next time around!

By the way, if you have a  Calabrian Bucciriscu  and would be happy for your dog to feature on Dogipedia, please send us a photo using the form on the right.


Calabrian Bucciriscu
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