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Dogipedia is the brainchild of me, Marco, the fabulously handsome young German Shepherd you’ll see featured all over Dogipedia.co.uk.

I’m approaching three now but I’ve been thinking about this project since I was a young Puplet barely a few months old. It occurred to me even then that the intelligence of we canines is grossly underestimated. Just because some of us have a few rather unsavoury personal hygiene habits and our table manners leave a lot to be desired, doesn’t mean that we all necessarily wear our underwear inside out. Okay, so some of us might, but in the main we’re better than that.

Take the Double Action Wrench for example. That was invented by a Boxer. Or the Afghan Device for bone reconstruction. As the name implies, that was invented by an Afghan. Two Afghans in fact. And I suppose the most widely known canine creation, known to dogs and dog owners the world over, is the KONG range of dog products. Without the help of his German Shepherd, Fritz, old Joe Markham might still be dismantling VW Camper Vans for a living. Need I say more?

So, thank you for visiting my site and for appreciating that not only are we canines pretty smart, we also have a keen sense of humour.

Life is just a little too serious these days. Don’t you think?

Your Friend,

P.S. If you want to see what I get up to in my spare time, check out my other website, ourmarco.co.uk.


About Dogipedia
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