10 More Places Named After Dogs Dogilists

Ten more places named after dogs. Of course humans think it was the other way around; that the dog was named after the place. Fortunately, we dogs know better!

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1 Labrador, Canada (Labrador Husky, Labrador Retriever)
2 Lancashire, England (Lancashire Heeler)
3 Lhasa, Tibet (Lhasa Apso)
4 Majorca, Spain (Majorca Ratter, Majorca Shepherd Dog)
5 Manchester, England (Manchester Terrier)
6 Moscow, Russia (Moscow Watchdog, Moscow Water Dog)
7 Newfoundland, Canada (Newfoundland)
8 New Zealand (New Zealand Heading Dog)
9 Norfolk, England (Norfolk Spaniel, Norfolk Terrier)
10 Norwich, England (Norwich Terrier)


10 More Places Named After Dogs
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