• Wiener Dog Racing

    Also known as Dachshund Racing, Wiener Dog Racing is a popular though controvers...

  • Dock Jumping

    Dock Jumping (also known as Dock Diving) is a Dog Sport which first made an appe...

  • Weave Pole Racing

    Also known as Slalom Racing, Weave Pole Racing is an element of Dog Agility take...

  • Are You Attached to an Airedale?

    Are you attached to an Airedale Terrier? Would you like to see the light of your...



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Ca Rater Mallorquí17/11/2016

Alternative name for the Majorca Ratter. Ratero Mallorquin. Copyright image courtesy of Bertet. CC BY GFDL...


A type of dog. A crossbreed between two ...


Best of Breed

The dog judged to be the best representa...


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